Joana Saahirah´s Fall/Winter World Agenda


Grateful for the opportunities to share the best of Egyptian Dance, and all the Wisdom it brings, with the world. Since I´ve left Egypt, after 8 years of an intense, successful & extremely challenging career & life, I´ve been travelling the globe, non stop, teaching, performing, judging and lecturing at the best Oriental Dance events.

I can only thank the organizers, students, audiences and supporters who keep sharing my Vision* For you, as well as for myself, I´ll always do better than my best.

Here are some of the countries that will receive Joana Saahirah & The Secrets of Egyptian Dance (both in expansion) during this Fall/Winter:

*Brasil (16,17,18th September)

*Slovenia (22,23,24th September)

*Czech Republic (13,14,15th October)

*4th USA (Delaware, Atlanta, Portland) TOUR:

Delaware – 3,4,5th November

Atlanta – 10,11,12th November

Portland, Oregon – 17,18,19th November

*Quebec, Canada: 24,25,26th November

*Galway, Ireland: 2,3rd December

More informations on event organizers and programs via email (

580385_913080428740351_2703988531711307777_n (1).jpg

And makes IT happen 🙂 ❤ 


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