The Gift of Time


In my studio – aka Wonderland – where new books, classes, choreographies and upcoming performances are prepared.

There I was – half-present + half-observant – at the church of this tiny, magical, village I chose for a nest. Although it seems a long way from Cairo, Egypt, to The Center where I have my home, reality tells me otherwise. It´s all the same – we carry the world within, knowingly or not.

-Where do you live now? – People ask me.

-In Paradise. I travel the whole world for work but, when I´m home, I´m HOME. Everybody needs a center to return to. – I answer as if Paradise was a well known place everybody went to at least once in a life time.

One of the biggest gifts this sacred nest – (actually, I think it chose me; I didn´t choose it) – offered me was a different, illusion-free, concept of Time. Time to be, breathe, see, taste, hear, go inside before I go outside; exist. Fully. Guitlessly. Freely. In my life and, consequently, in my dance.

I see strangers, students, friends, family and ex-lovers struggling against time and I often wonder if I, too, am caught in this mouse wheel (the answer is YES). At home, in the centre, in Paradise, within, I discovered time is relative and the way we manage, and enjoy it, is what ultimately defines it. I´m too young not to have goals – I have many, in fact – but I´ve lived, and achieved, enough to know living is much more than checking goals off our list.

I water the garden – splash myself with water that escapes from the hose:

I walk to the river, stop on the way; bathe – slowly, lustfully, closing my eyes as I get into the water and release an ahhhhhhhhhh… coming from the deepest, most grateful side of me. This is timeless – it´s Life.

This morning, I taught a couple of classes at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School, feeling blessed for the opportunity to share so much experience, knowledge, passion and purpose; I had coffee while talking to the river and went to the Church – always an interesting anthropological experience -, with a neighbor I love dearly. We talked about God, its apparent absence and obvious existence; agriculture; literature; dogs & ghosts; hipocrisy and faith. In this chaotic – finely orchestrated – order.

As I returned home, baking under the sun (sizzling; excessive; perfect), I stopped at the fountain where I washed my face and drank directly from the earth. I sat down, enjoying the freshness of the moment, of everything. No hurry, no goals, no pressure to be anywhere else or be whom I´m not. As I wiped the water off my face, I smiled: this is eternity. Right now.

This is what we can call L-I-V-I-N-G.


P.S: Suggestion to Oriental Dancers, amateur and professionals: offer yourself time (to be, listen, feel, enjoy). In dance as in life.

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