Receiving the love from students @ Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School

Here are some of the public comments Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School has received, so far. We´ve opened our first class on the 13th May and we´re rocking –

giving and receiving the love. 

My gratitude goes to every student/dancer who joins, shares and supports our classes. No matter how many achievements and success I may gather along the way, I know I´m only as great as my last work. I´ll make sure you, my students, always receive the best.

Here are some of the loving comments students left at the school (


“I have taken private online courses with Joana and what she offers is top notch. I have loved every minute of studying with her and have even hosted her to teach workshops in my city. She leaves nothing out. Much love to you, Joana! “

Heather Henna Louise


“Once again, simply the best: Joana doesn’t just teach dance or movement. She provides the cultural context and social aspects of the dance that inform the student much more richly than most teachers can — her personal experience as a dancer in Cairo brings with it amazing depth.”

“Yet another fabulous class with Joana. She is such a good instructor, very detailed and an excellent communicator.”

Chandler Rhinehart


“A very very interesting class! almost the part about, creativy, musicality, Bint el Balad… I have really enjoyed!”

Patricia Hannequin


“These classes are brilliant, seriously. As a long term private student, I really feel this is the way for dancers who cannot commit to private lessons to have regular access to Joana’s experience, wisdom & uniquely holistic approach to the dance in a manner that doesn’t diminish the quality of the lessons. There are also the added benefits of having access to the recorded classes (which makes it possible to “make up” missed or partial classes & also allows for an in depth review of the lecture material) & the advantage of hearing the questions, perspective & reflections of other students. While I will never, ever give up my private studies with Joana, I feel this is an excellent compliment to what I do in our one-on-one classes. I have recommended these classes to many of my friends & acquaintances & I will continue to do so until they give in to my prodding, lol. ❤︎”

Justine Riekena


“Amazing class and I learned a lot. I feel really inspired and can use the information I received towards improving my dance. I will definitely be taking the class again.”



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