Thank you to the students of Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School

I´m totally in love with my new baby – Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School – and all the students who have already joined us. The treasures we reap when we work with love are amazing!

A lot of vision, passion and work has already been put into the school, as well as technological know-how which is totally out of my comfort zone (I´m NOT a machine/technology person), and this is just the beginning.

We´ve opened our first class on a special day – 13th May -, less than one month ago, and it already feels like the ship is up, running and conquering the Oceans. When I´m in love,  I´ll go all the way into that love. I´m also a Capricorn ascendant who likes to do things with excellence.

The thing about building a long term career is that you have to keep growing, evolving, adapting without compromising your integrity, as a person and creator (for me, there´s no difference between the two); you have to create new venues for your craft and reach out to the world as it evolves; you gotta reinvent yourself and be reminded you´re only as good as your last work. It doesn´t matter how much success, achievements and experience you´ve gathered under your belt, you´re a beginner always proving your worth for the first time. If you don´t like to grow, being constantly put to the test and taking risks, Dance is probably not the right profession for you. I DO like to grow; I DO like being challenged and I know growing involves risks. Just like love.

And one of the risks is flying. Going higher than we´ve gone before. That´s a risk I´ll gladly take.

Thank you and wish to see you in one of our classes at

Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School

For more informations, follow the link:

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