Priorities & focus in Joana Saahirah´s World

God knows how hard it is for me to focus on just one thing or, let´s be realistic, 3-4 things simultaneously. And I´m only talking about work – hobbies, for which I have no time, or private life, for which I have to schedule time, are not in the equation.

I´m a typical Gemini girl, multiplied into 1000 interests, doing several things at the same time, curious till oblivion and easily bored, but there comes a time when we realize QUALITY demands FOCUS, PRIORITY setting, LIMITS. And this is where we´re at:

Logo School June 2017 3Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School ( is up and running, with full intensity, and I´m making sure it´s the best any Egyptian Dance student could ask for.

Allowing students from all over the world to study permanently with me, at affordable prices, with live and recorded classes they can review and use for further practice is an amazing tool.

It took me a while to surrender to the evidence – I needed a solution for the increasing requests of online classes and I had no time to book more students in the private classes´format – but, allas, everything happens in its own time. The school is a reality and, although we´ve just opened this month, I´m already proud of it and the community that´s gathering around it.

Dedicating quality time to my regular Private Online Students – they, before anyone else, deserve my full presence and passion. More informations here:

Back to BOOK WRITING – working on my long term book-project (several volumes; a daring adventure!) as well as a NEW book, a lighter yet precious adventure, I want to publish this year.

Building my first MAGIC WOMB RETREAT happening in the heart of Portugal on the 18,19,20th August. More informations via emails ( or

Magic Womb May 2017

Preparing Autumn/Winter World Tour: teaching, performing and lecturing in Brazil, Slovenia, Poland, Spain, 4th time in USA – Delaware, Atlanta, Portland; Ireland and more.

Enjoying the Summer and some well deserved private time at home (paradise ❤ ); nurturing & repleneshing myself. We cannot give to others what we don´t have for ourselves.

Keep yourselves tuned on Joana Saahirah of Cairo Fan Page:

and Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School:

love 5


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