Paradise* found*

Nest Office Home LoveMy home, nest, background (dance & writing) working space, peaceful spot, centre, private paradise.

It took me a while to find a home that reflected who I am inside. Egypt was not it; Egypt was a soulful career passage, a rescue of the the past. The world I´ve been seeing in the last years, while teaching-performing-lecturing, didn´t call me enough to set roots.

I needed a sacred space where I could feel, assimilate, filter, release what´s not meant to stay and re-CENTER myself.
This spot, and only this spot, in the heart of the Goddess was IT. A pure ground where I can die and be reborn.

I dreamt it, wished and searched for it. I found it in the right moment – like everything else.

Grateful for all the abundance of life & how the seeds I plant turn into gorgeous fruits.

Happy river magic.JPG

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