Befriending Evil

To be or not to be 4.JPG

“To be, or not to be, that is the question” moment at Charleville Castle, Tullamore, Ireland

I´ve returned from a month of non stop travelling. Happy, and peaceful, at home – paradise – which is blooming with Spring. Hands overflowing. With work, deadlines, pressures, responsabilities and interrogation points but also full of love, possibilities, amazing projects that will come to fruition; short-fast paced-marathons and long, slow & consistent, under the earth, marathons. Thrilled and tired.

Everything carries its contrary – good carries evil, light carries darkness, joy carries sadness.

Recognizing I have plenty on my hands doesn´t mean I´m complaining. I shape my life the way I want, and can, and I take on different projects – writing, teaching, performing, choreographing, lecturing -, simultaneously, because I want to. And I need to.

To add spices to an already seasoned plate – seasoned like Indian, or Balinese, food – , I come to terms, once more, with the harm envy, low competition and evilness can cause.

I try to keep them away by surrounding myself with energy, thoughts, attitudes and people which move towards the sun. Still I´m alive, between creatures of kindness and others of deep ignorance. More often than not, creatures are filled with kindness and ignorance – all served at the same table.

Light often atracts darkness, I´ve discovered that in the worst possible ways.

Unless we retreat to a monastery, at the top of the Himalayan mountains, I don´t think we can be totally impermeable to the shit madness of the world. Still we can move on, grow, use the rocks and turn them into diamonds. I´ve been in the alchemy business for a long time: transforming matter of low quality into matter of high quality. Nothing new, to me, in this department.

In Bali, Indonesia, they recognize evil as a useful, important life force. That fascinates me.

The fact that evil, as good, has a place in the world and should be thanked for. Not something we should erase, or fight against, but accept and transform.

I´m finally coming to terms with this reality. And, yes, I´m turning the devil into a friend. In no time, he´ll be eating from my hand.

´Wanna bet?


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