The Good Fight

My Journey has been built, so far, by support but, mostly, by obstacles, challenges and apparent impossibilities which I invariably turn into possibilities.
Every conquest comes with talent, serious & persistent work and sacrifice. Opposition has been my road companion. One of them and not the strongest.

I feel I have to prove my worth on a daily basis, after having conquered so much, and I´m often discouraged by envy, evilness and pessimism around me. Nonetheless, I reject the idea of quitting or turning myself into “one of them”. If success, or whatever else I do in my life, doesn´t make me a better person, I´m not interested in it.

For that, and for so many other things, I say: let ugliness turn to beauty and hate turn to love; may I always have the strength, stamina and inspiration to turn darkness into light. Our enemies are often the ones who propell us towards higher skies.

Me in The Room Charleville

Me at Enchanted Castle 1.JPG

Photos: Joana Saahirah, photographed by Terri Dale-Kearney at Charleville Castle, in Ireland, before our first workshops. The second day of workshops took place in Dublin. A blessed time with blessed people.
I – we – need more of these

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