The tip of the iceberg

17218668_1501949866495552_1550312680342670216_oWorking in the dance studio, the place where the magic starts to happen, a laboratory for trials, failures and achievements nobody, except me, witnesses. This is where I feel tired – many years thriving for excellence and working, under pressure, non stop – and reborn. The intimate space where I can be a beginner. All over again.

A dancer is what the public sees but, mostly, what it never gets to see. The tip of the iceberg, under water, may be messy and often frustrating but it´s the beginning of everything.
Returning to the studio, day after day, humbles me & reminds me why I started studying dance, at 5 years old, in the first place.

Essence is more important than appearance – the mirrors in my dance studio know it well.

Magic backstage.JPG

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