Brain on vacation

15400522_937143383089310_2083812381756603919_nLife experience, combined with self-awareness and the observation of the bigger picture, has taught me a few things.
Mostly, that I don´t know much. Also: there´s no point on trying to find logic in the world.

Nonsense, variety of perspectives and random gifts/bullshit, seem to rock our world, even when we´re convinced we´re the ones driving the ship. Human beings project their own dreams, frustrations and illusions on each other; they fall and rise; they´re childish and then wise, cruel and then kind; angels and demons. It´s all part of the same – crazy, fascinating – package.

-Don´t sweat it. Just flow with it the best you can. You won´t understand life. All you can do is living it to the fullest. Experience it; feel it; drink it. Don´t try to dissect it with your mind. – Something/someone whispers in my ears, lately.

I smile. Not understanding can be good. And way more pleasant than chasing ghosts which are continuously out of my grasp.

I´d be exhausted, if not dead by now, if I took what others say and do personally; if I tried to find reason in unreasonable things; if I got easily offended or hurt by betrayals, envy, smallness; if I kept the illusion of control. I´d be an arrogant prick if I took success, praise and growth to heart. All is good, transitory, relative, multi-faceted.

All is life and I dance above the waves. I try to.

I don´t know; I don´t understand; I have no idea – these may be the wisest statements I´ve ever said to myself. And, you know what?, I´m happier than ever.

That´s enough for me.
Happiness is the goal.


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