Going where it hurts

Working Up.JPGImprovisation has always been my thing, my comfort zone, my nature. It was Mahmoud Reda, The Father of Egyptian Folklore and my best friend, who insisted I started doing it. And taking it seriously.
-I can´t do it, Mahmoud. It bores me to death. I´m an improviser. – I´d tell him, like a baby.
-You CAN do it. And it will make you a better improviser. – He´d answer, holding his cup of tea, watching me go crazy, fighting with a musical phrase and my crumbling certainties.
At first, I did it for him; then, just for my own practice; after, when students from all over the world started to reach out to study with me, I´d choreograph for them.
Only recently, I´ve started to choreograph for myself, for pleasure as much as for work and personal growth.
It´s still out of my comfort zone. I hate it, at times, mostly when results are not up my expectations. But that´s exactly why I keep doing it: crashing walls, facing limits and expanding precisely on the spots I thought I´d fall.
Never underestimate the power of DOING. No need for perfection, if such thing existed (it doesn´t). You just gotta DO IT.
Photos: me, doing it, in one of my dance studios.

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