In between

Between countries. Between worlds.
Still on Irish mode; about to go into Spanish mode. The same passion; the same mission; the same love on the road.
Today, as always, I celebrate the big as the small things, aware that “big” and “small” are highly relative terms. I´ve once said “greatness is not a circumstance but a state of mind, a way of living, an attitude”. Life has proven, again and again, I was wrong about many things and spot on about that.
In greatness we live. And celebrate. If I drank alcohol, this would be the night to grab a few pints, shake hands with Bachus and fly.
I don´t drink alcohol. So I dance.
Portrait Warm Charleville.JPG
Image: me, relaxing at Charleville Castle, Tullamore, Ireland, before our first workshops of the weekend. Photo by Terri Dale-Kearney

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