Say what you mean!

Rescuing the Essence of Egyptian Dance and sharing it with the world has been one of the central points of my career and life.

Knowing, and moving, from that Essence doesn´t mean we´re stuck in the past; it means we know we cannot move forward with an empty set of movements made to impress. This is the language of the soul, not a circus act and, certainly, not a competition.

No evolution is possible without the essence; the language that speaks without speaking.

Who are you beneath the glitter, the fancy cloths and the diva masks?
What does your dance say, for real, when you´re dancing?
What´s the Message you bring to the World?

There´s no real* Egyptian Dance, and perhaps no real* life, without a clear answer to those questions.


Photo: me, at home, captured by the beautiful eyes of my sister Ana Samuel (Rotas Internas)

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