I´m often labeled by people who don´t know me, which is just another way of limiting me or trying to. I don´t accept labels – they just won´t stick, no matter how hard you try to glue them to my face. I´m free, impossile to fit in a shelf; complex; in permanent expansion.

One of the labels people love to identify with me is Feminism. Although I don´t have a problem with this word, on the contrary, I also don´t see myself as such. Unless a feminist is someone, woman or man, who has a functioning brain and is not afraid to use it. If a feminist is someone, woman or man, who thinks – using logic instead of “how things have always been” and individual perspective instead of sheep following -, then I´m a feminist.
But, then again, the name is limiting. Every name is.

I love people, men and women. I believe we´re all different and all the same in value, duties and rights. That applies to different races, religions, colours of skin.
I´m just human; I treat others with respect and I demand to be treated the same way. My life is mine to live and nobody, independently of how much I may love him, can possess me. Ever. I´m not merchandise to be possessed.

I refuse to attack my sisters – every woman on planet earth – as much as I refuse to be controlled or disrespected by men.
Again: I´m just human. If that makes me a feminist, so be it. But keep the labels for yourself while I keep using my brain and the right to be a person.

Thank you very much be097c6878225f937beea4a14ce172dc

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