The (happy) Black Sheep

For the road: “What´s your Message to all the Oriental Dancers in the World?”

Interview by Candice Frankland (thanks, dear Candice, for the amazing work!)

It seems impossible to avoid looking back at how far you´ve come, and on your own terms, once you´re thinking about new foundations.

Looking back in the sense of appreciating the road, and yourself for building that road, and not in the nostalgic sense of “it was so much better in the past”. For me, the present is always better than the past. My decisions, and nobody else´s, brought me here, where I am now, and I praise myself for making heartfelt decisions. Some call me brave; others, like my mum, say I´m stubborn.

You only do what you please, Joana! – She tells me, half annoyed, half proud.

Well, yeah. I do as I please. Should I do as you – neighbors, friends, strangers – please?

Isn´t it my life, and nobody else´s, we´re talking about?


Following the crowds – what everybody else´s doing – may be easier but it´s not me. It has never been. I like to go where nobody goes and walk my own way; to be who I am and to achieve what others call “impossible”. Paved roads are of no interest to me.

When you live from your own sense of integrity – what you want; what makes sense for you -, the past is nothing but a reason to celebrate, take stake and momentum for higher flights.

Honesty doesn´t always pay off in this dishonest world of ours. But INTEGRITY never fails to compensate, at least from a personal point of view.

Taking a deep breath, scanning the heart to know where it wants to go next; having the courage to leap, once more (always), into The Unknown, my next Adventure.

That* is The Dance.

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