The Brave Ones

16427747_1238360942918614_5698269572926128532_nSaying “I love you”.

Not whispering it to yourself but actually saying it out loud to the person in question.

Feeling it. Doing it. S(inging)aying it:

To ourselves, our friends, family, students, co-workers, lovers.

How hard can it be?

Apparently, very hard.

Few of us have the guts to say it openly, out loud, without shame or fear of exposing ourselves. Being voluntarily vulnerable is an art for grown ups, not for adult children, sissies or weak of heart.

Life´s short, fleeting and so damn precious. It can come to an end abruptly. There´s nothing worse than looking back and regretting the cowardice of silencing what should not have been silenced.

Lately, I haven´t silenced a single “I love you”. Not one. Making sure no word of love is left unsaid. The road becomes so much lighter when love is not muffled or ignored.

I suspect this is courage. (just a suspicion).

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