Keep walking!


An occasional sense of despair may be unavoidable when you´re working on something great. Great in quality. Great in the volume of work, focus, time, stamina and faith it demands. Great in greatness.

I´d love to say doing what I love is always a smooth sailing ride but I´d be lying. Even when we do what we love, there are moments of doubt, suffering, frustration, apathy, sheer exhaustion. I see those moments as tests to our commitment.

How much do you want to accomplish it? How far does your love for your craft(s) go? What (which matter) are you made of?

The answer to those questions reflects the quality of the work you´ll deliver.

Currently working on the 3rd volume of my new book. Doing it in my “resting time”, the few moments when I´m not dancing, teaching, choreographing or traveling for work.

Full of question marks, excitement, fear and courage. Terrified and in love. Not knowing yet moving ahead. Receiving the criticism that arrives face to face or in disguise: Who does she think she is? She´s a dancer, not a writer! Why is a dancer writing such a book? Who the hell is she?

Basically, I´m (full of ) life. And I guess this is how it´s meant to be: the criticism, the road´s dark corners, the madness and randomness of the game. We gotta roll with it and let the ghosts pass us by.


Note to the self: No more judgement, miss. Just DO IT.

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