Don´t see,talk or listen (survival strategy)


Check the image, above, and you´ll know what I feel like doing, these days, when I realize how the Oriental Dance (aka Egyptian Dance; Raks Sharki) dance is, generally, practiced around the world. Including in its birth place, Egypt.

Superficiality, clone machines, prejudice feeding, comparison, competition, ego & vanity trips from every corner, lobbies and, and, and. The list is too long to keep up with, one you can see if located in a specific* – wide panoramic – point of view.

From Egypt to the World, gathering the pieces of this huge puzzle and realizing, not without shock, how much we´s going backwards.

Where´s the knowledge, the soul, the individuality, the heart, the Union?

Oh, my ❤

No doubt evolution includes set backs but… really? I mean: really?

Trying not to allow disappointment and exhaustion to stop me from fighting the Good Fight. Despite all my wishes, it´s a fight. It still is.


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