The Other

I´m a typical Gemini.Many sides of me.JPG

My Sun & my Venus, two central points in a woman´s nature, are in Gemini. Therefore, Mercury – or Hermes -, the Messenger of the Gods, Prince of Thieves & Merchants, bridge between Earth and Sky rules pretty much everything I do.

Living between worlds, crafts, passions, inclinations, moods and dreams isn´t easy. I often feel like I live, observe, think and do too much and in, apparently, contradictory directions.
Exhaustion is a constant companion due to such multiplicity and intensity. But I wouldn´t have it any other way. I taste the sour and the sweet with the same intensity; I see beyond appearances and feel when I´m thinking as much as I think when I feel. It´s a crazy, multi-coloured circus inside and I love it (myself).

Life´s too precious, and rich, for plain rides.

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