Growing up

“You cannot mentally be attached to person, place and thing,
and awaken at the same time. If you want liberation you have to pay the price, and the price is letting go, giving it all up, surrendering, having perfect faith that all is well. Not trying to interpret what “all is well,” means. Just realizing that everything is in it’s right place, just the way it is. That’s it. Don’t interpret that. There are no mistakes. As you begin to dwell on this, as you begin to dwell on these things, automatically you will come to the place where you will realize the last enemy to go is the I. Everything has been attached to the I. But you see how long it takes to get there? You have to do everything else first.”
~ Robert Adams (20th century American Advaita mystic)
(Quote shared by Shabd Mystic with love)


Anandamayi Ma


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