How (NOT) to write

imagesPaulo Coelho´s new book, The Spy (about Mata Hari), is the proof that we can grab a great subject/character and destroy it in great horrible style.

I´ve never been a fan of the author – exception made to the moment he created The Alchemist – but his last book hides him, for good, in the “never more” shelf, the place where we put those authors we don´t want to be in contact with for fear of contamination.


How can someone with Paulo Coelho´s experience produce such a poor manuscript and wreck a subject – character – as rich as Mata Hari?

Bad writing can be as impressive as great writing, that´s for sure.

The Spy by Paulo Coelho – Manual on How NOT to Write.

Fully noted. I hope.

P.S: Mata Hari deserved way better than this. I imagine her wrestling, in her grave, with the intent of getting out of there and coming up here, where the living wander, to punch Paulo Coelho in the face.

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