Walking through walls by Marina Abramovic

imagesI´ve said this before but I´ll repeat it: I choose books the same way I choose men: because, for some reason I´m not always able to pinpoint, I fall in love with them. The choice is made by the heart and has no practical conveniences. No targets, no benefits except for the pleasure and happiness of doing what my soul wants. You love who you love, right?
This is how I picked Marina Abramovic´s book “Walking Through Walls”. It´s far from being a major literary piece. In fact, the book feels like a talk someone recorded and put on paper. But books, as men, are not always interesting due to their literary style or technical complexity. Some times, it´s the message beneath the words that counts. In Marina Abramovic´s case, a message of courage, integrity, compassion and unparallel humanity.
I loved the woman before I read her memoir. Now I respect her which is just another way of loving her.
Recommended reading for every artist or person who is deeply in love with a mission. Even if that mission is just* – not much of a thing – being fully human. And aLIVE.

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