Morning Dance in Coney Island, New

What a strange, exhausting and gorgeous morning (yes, you can have them all in one single shot)!

Me and Samer Ibrahim, the talented eye behind this video, headed for the beach, in Coney Island, New York, on a sunny Autumn morning. This was my 3rd USA TOUR and New York was one of my usual stops.

Later, we set sail to a garden in Brooklyn, the perfect running spot (this is runner in me talking), where the shadows kept chasing us, turning our video shooting into a marathon (runner´s mind working, again) against the darkness.

A man with a funny accent – well, I also have a funny accent: a mix of Portuguese, Spanish, English and Arabic, the languages I speak on my daily life – kept interrupting us, yelling at me:

-Dance with your heart. Your hhhheeaaarrtt!

Sure, gentleman. I´ll do my best.

I was bloated, tired from my recent transatlantic flight and trying to remember the whole choreography (I´d created it to teach in Portland, Oregon). Before we shot the video you can see over here, I danced in the sand for a couple of hours, learning that sand and dance do NOT match, unless your goal is to earn yourself a twisted ankle.

I was clearly tired, out of the mood and hurting. My muscles were frozen from the continuous effort of trying* to dance on the sand without falling on my derrière; the wood I was stepping on was sizzling hot, burning the sole of my feet and making me pray for a quick wrap. Nonetheless, there are moments of freedom & pleasure in the video.

I love the result, despite everything. Because of everything.

It´s imperfect due to the several obstacles we had to face that morning – the theme of limitations is on the table, lately, BIG TIME – but it´s real. And I´ll take real over (the illusion of) perfect any time.


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