Living as an Art form


Life gets more complex, and fascinating, as I grow up. I probably do too much, dream too much, feel and think too much. Probably not. Maybe I´m alive – that´s all.

Although my goals never cease to grow, and I work like a maniac in order to turn them into materialized realities, the concept of GREAT LIVING becomes more important than everything. Turning MY LIFE into a work of art, one I can reinvent whenever I wish or need to, makes more sense than the separation between art, in my work, and my daily existence.

Cooking for friends; drinking hot wine – spiced and flavoured to orgasmic dimensions – ; kissing my lover, my cat, a random dog, a person I´ve met a second ago, the earth, a drop of water. Writing & not writing. Dancing & not dancing. Running & remaining still.

Doing whatever I´m doing with full presence and passion. This* can be art. Everything, even the sadness I cannot transform into something beautiful, can be art.

Life is Art* and I´m deeply in love with it.

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