Joana and The Dragon

writing gif.gifEverything I do comes from a Soul Calling. I´ve never followed the crowds – not in my professional life and certainly not in my personal life. I create, and chase, my own Dragons. Some times, I kiss them upon meeting them; more often than not, I kill them. They´re mine – born of my gut – and nobody else´s.

Getting back, again and again, to the book(s) I´ve been working on the last 2 years is one of those Soul Callings nobody could predict or instill in me. I don´t do it as a strategy to expand my career or to surprise the public. I do it because I have to. Period. Anyone who was born an Artist – not a businessman/woman but an Artist – will know exactly what I mean.

Sitting for hours, with no apparent end, to write volumes of words I´m not sure anyone will ever read is crazy. I agree. I´m a professional dancer, teacher, choreographer working in that field, and travelling the world for it, full time. Why on earth would I take productive time of my dance career to work on a craft I know so little of? A craft that doesn´t pay bills; promises nothing and delivers nothing, for the moment, except an immense – solitary – fulfillment?

Obsession. Mission. Madness. Love. Call it what you may.
All I know is Life is an adventure and, despite the sacrifices and the hard work involved, doing what we feel we must do is the biggest and, probably most noble, form of success. And Happiness – ah, that too!

Don´t follow other people´s dreams – that´s too small, boring and bellow your unique potential. Take a moment to ask yourself WHERE is your dream. Believe in it(you). And then, by God, work your a$%4# off to make it happen. Stop when you´re finished, not before. Not a second before.

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