Joana Saahirah´s Happiness Project


The new year started in heaven. But heaven can easily turn into hell (don´t I know it?).

It all went down, down, down and it hasn´t picked up again ever since.

Nobody likes to talk, or write, about unhappiness. I know I don´t.

I´m a positive, moving forward, faithful person who sees every challenge as an opportunity for growth. I believe in going through pain in private, only sharing the stuff that can inspire, and empower, others. But I´m human, after all, something I tend to forget. And sharing our pain can inspire and empower others. How we go through adversity opens up possibilities for others:

-If she can do it, I can do it.

As an answer to unhappiness, I´m creating  Joana Saahirah Happiness Project, a collection of essays about happiness – what I´ve learnt, through experience, on the subject – and stuff that makes me happy. Texts, photos, references of music, movies, trips, attitudes that contribute to chronical happiness. A straightforward, simple, “writing to save my life” king of project.

This will, no doubt, annoy a lot of people:

-She should resign to her unhappines, just for a moment, and stand in front of the television, wrapped in a blanket, watching bad movies and binging on chocolate. That Turning Rocks into Diamonds thing is deeply irritating.

Well, well. As much as I´d like to, I cannot afford to do that. I have work, deadlines with different people, things to accomplish and a tool – myself – to take care of. Artists who live – exclusively – from their art cannot afford certain luxuries. Like feeding unhappiness.

Everybody has a way to grieve. Mine is connected with creativity. It has saved my life many, many times. I build palaces from the rocks life throws at me. If I´m down, I´ll dance and write about that place, no matter how dark and uncomfortable it may be.

In darkness, too, resides light. We just need to open our eyes. And Be.

Happiness Project.JPG

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