Bad book; interesting author (bad title – this one)

Have you ever read a book which you disliked but made you want to meet the author?

I have: Salem´s lot by Stephen King. salemslot-gift300dpi.jpg

The book is absolute bullshit. Not terrifying – at least not for me -, not impressive, not original, not anything I value in a book. But it surely opens the appetite for the author.

Stephen King is a riot. Not the writer – the person behind the writer.

His book On Writing, which I loved, is a proof of that as are his interviews and lectures. He´s the kind of guy you´d love to have dinner with, chat with, be friends with.

But, damn!, the book is poor and the only reason I mention it is because I´m becoming a fan of the man who wrote it.

I kept reading, in the hope of finding a pearl or two and nothing, nada, mafish, niente.

It´s an interesting phenomenon because, despite its lack of quality (in my opinion), it was a best-seller. Just as most of Stephen King´s books.

I  wonder what makes a great amount of people adhere to a certain book, music, movie. Some times, it´s quality. But, more often that not, it´s a set of reasons which have little to do with quality. What, then? 

I have The Shining, from the same author, on my book pile. Hoping for a surprise. Meanwhile, having a meal with Stephen King on my next trip to USA – November/December 2017 Tour – is on my wish list. I know we´ll have a ball!

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