Priority for 2017: Living (even) louder


Photo taken in Óbidos, one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal

Too much lipstick (red, no less);

Too much shine;

Too much strength;

Too much stamina, perseverance, power;

Too much freedom, joy, success, love, passion, inspiration;

Too much energy, laughter (LOUD!), appreciation for life;


I´m too much. They say. 

Too much for whom and according to which criteria? What does it mean, exactly, to be – and live – too much?

I barely have time to take care of my own garden. Time is short for everything I want to do, all the places I want to know, the books I want to read and write, the dances I want to dance, the experiences I want to experience, the food I want to cook and share, the love I want to make. Time to check other people´s garden is zero. Bellow zero. Therefore, I don´t compare. Nobody is too much, or too little, for me.

I am not bothered by my own state of BEING aLIVE. If you are, get yourself a LIFE and go ahead: we´re all meant to shine owr own light.

Priority for 2017: living (even) louder. Bothering, or inspiring, a lot of people to do the same. Putting on my red lipstick, my perfume and my claws. Here I come, life!


Photo taken in Óbidos, Portugal

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