Here´s a picture of my new home frontyard (part of it):Home13.JPG

We could call it Paradise and we wouldn´t do it justice.

Mountains on my back; river in front of me. The elements – air, fire, earth and water – generously displayed on a platter gorgeous beyond words. New teachers, companions, inspirations right at my doorstep.

From Egypt to the World; from the World to the Womb.

What´s next? How challenging, and wonder*ful, life can be!

Here are some rare glimpses of my intimacy (I´m sharing them in the hope you feel inspired to find, or build, your own piece of Paradise):


Dancing by the breakfast table


Bath aromatic water prepared by a dear friend for one of my luscious water immersions (candles, salts and deep breathing included)


One of my meditation spots at two minutes distance from my home.

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