The Dance of the Opposites

11050169_10205548797694737_7506733872827755493_nLiving is an art we have to learn and, eventually, master through experience and observation (of ourselves and others). I hold more questions than answers; my definitive convictions were lost along the way.
What I know for sure, until life throws me off that track, is that everything needs to be practiced with balance. The Dance of the Opposites – the extreme points of the rope need to dance, hand in hand, all the time. Otherwise, something that could be positive turns into negative.

Humbleness without self-respect is an invitation for disrespect.

Kindness without limits is an invitation for abuse.

Giving others without giving ourselves in an invitation for poverty (we cannot give what we don´t have for ourselves).

Loving without being loved is an invitation for future resentment. Maya Angelou once said “leave the table when love is no longer served”. I sign my name under it.

Talking without listening is an invitation for misunderstandings.

Self-confidence without a good old set of doubts (getting a grip factor) is an invitation for arrogance.

Faith without knowledge is an invitation for mediocrity.

Will power without surrender is an invitation for frustration.

Instinct without logic is an invitation for unproductive dispersion.

Passion without discipline is an invitation for great ideas which never turn into great achievements.

Joy without sadness is an invitation for shallowness.

Summer without Winter is an invitation for incompletude.

The list goes on and on. Make sure your qualities are not unilateral an/or taken to an extreme. Gold can easily be transformed into iron and vice-versa. It all depends on how we use the skills, and gifts, we were given.


Photo: me, at home, doing the work

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