The Path of The Artist by Joana Saahirah

So much of life, and art, is never mentioned. We edit reality, so hard and so unfairly, that we end up creating false standards and values. Mothers don´t speak about the pain of labour; successful business folks don´t talk about the sacrifices they make in order to keep their enterprises thriving; gymnasts don´t talk about the muscle and joint pain, the early bird routines that stops them from having a social life. And so on.

Our societies focus, and value, certain aspects of existence in detriment of others which are, frequently, more meaningful and relevant to our happiness.

I´m used to be the one who speaks about THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. Although I never mean to do it in order to be different, or stand out from the crowds, it´s my natural inclination. I look at details, peculiar angles. I tend to see what most people don´t even realize it´s there. It´s a gift and, as it happens with most gifts, a potential burden.

The elephant in the room, in creative terms, is the unglamorous reality of an artist´s daily routine. Nobody sees me, or would want to see me, sweating, dishevelled, often lost, in the process of choreographing a new piece; nobody knows how many hours I spend in front of a white, empty screen, working on my new book(s) with no feed-back, applause or guarantee of any glimpse of success.

Not a single soul, except for some exceptions I allow once in a while, witnesses the preparation of a performance, when I´m sitting on the ground, listening, feeling, drinking the music I´ll perform on a stage, somewhere in the world, later on.

Nobody joins me when I work out, study, read, try new movements in the solitude of my dance studio.

Nobody follows the string of (mad) thoughts that run through my head when I´m creating a new course, article, book chapter, choreography, concept. All those things, the ones who actually MAKE the artist, are ignored by the majority. It´s like they never happened. People want the RESULTS, not the path that leads to results. Mostly because that´s THE WORK bit. Not the bling, not the glitter and the photos on facebook but the actual work. Wonderful, grueling, revealing, exciting and scary because it brings us face to fac with our limits.

And yet Artists, not business people who know how to connect with lobbies and get things done in the practical world, know the JOURNEY towards the results is the one that matters the most. Most people celebrate, and envy, the fruit but the ones who actually make art know what it takes to create that fruit and turn it into something suitable for human consuption.

What we deliver to the public is the fruit of a tree we´ve planted, watered and cared for in the silence of our private backyard. Go back to your backyard, plant, water, take care. The fruits may follow. 10407721_10153443082912731_8107384798149684765_n.jpg

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