Souvenir from Portland, Oregon, USA!

It´s a cliché, I know, but that doesn´t stop me from feeling it: time is flying so fast I can hardly breathe. It´s like sand slipping through my -overscheduled – hands.

Am I busier, more engaged or in love with life to the point of exhaustion? Am I juggling too may balls and feeling the burden of my own skills and dreams? Has our world gone even madder than it has always been (and it has always been a mad world) and I´m running in the naif attempt to catch up with it?

I don´t have the answer to any of those  questions.

What I know is a bit of what I share in this video: a piece of the magic we lived in Portland, Oregon, USA, at the end of October. Dance. Mentality shift. Heart awakening. And then some.

For me, success is quality. Quality work, people and life. Appreciation, applause and  public acceptance is a pleasant consequence, as essential to the artist´s survival as inspiration, stamina and discipline. (And coffee). But, make no mistake, that´s all it is: a consequence.

Grateful for the causes and consequences; for the abundance of joys, opportunities, love, health, inspiration and friendships that nourish my soul. Everything else  is left behind.

Perhaps I don´t need to grab time with my hands. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow (flow).


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