Joana Saahirah on Zaghareet Magazine

Cover Zaghareet Full Dec 2016.JPG

Me, on the cover of  this month´s issue of  “Zaghareet” magazine.


This has been a collaboration made of shared love, passion and respect. It´s such a pleasure to work with high quality people and professionals! Thanks to Sharina (the magazine´s director), particularly, for her spotless professionalism, generosity and beauty.

“-Is it true you worked with Souhair Zaki, ya ustaz (mister) Mohamed? – I asked my accordionist, the best I´ve ever met, a man who could make you cry, laugh and cry again, within 3 seconds of striking a note.

Any note.

It didn´t matter which note – it was the finger that stroke the note, not the note, that made the difference. The intention, the passion, the honesty, the talent and the life experience contained in that finger defined the quality of the sound it produced. It was fancier, yet simpler, than any note produced by one of the so called “music specialists” or “technical experts”, the musicians who refused to work with dancers – whom they considered bellow their level -, resuming their work to the recording studios and live concerts with singers.

That finger, alone, proved – without words – that content, not appearances, rules Egyptian music and dance.”

Excerpt of article by Joana Saahirah published at this month´s “Zaghareet” magazine.
ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDcoverzaghareetdecmber2016.JPG


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