Back to Mamma´s kitchen

This is the breathtaking view I get from my door:

Home Love 2.JPG

Mountains covering my back and an endless river standing in front of my eyes.
Back home. New priorities, new perspective on life. And a direct contact with Nature.

What I´ve learnt, so far, from the Mother is the importance of Rhythm & Cicles. The fact that everything has its own timing – beginning, progression and end. Most people I know extend dead things, relationships, jobs and ideas beyond their own sanity and well being. They refuse to let go, change and grow up. The price to that resistance is disease – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual -, repressed rage and premature death. It´s funny how it works: in order to keep living, and growing up, you have to die many times.

We may push, force the entry, deny the decay and eventual death but we cannot stop leaves from falling and cold from invading our homes. Some times, our hearts. Life, as Nature, happens in cicles we cannot change or contradict. If it´s raining, we dance in the rain; if it´s sunny, we dance under the sun. If it´s time to plant cabbages, we plant cabbages to be reaped and eaten during the Spring; if it´s not the time to plant cabbages, we may still plant them but we´ll end up with dead seeds which never develop into vegetables.
The Winter – death – is tough. No doubt. But it has its beauty and purpose. We can flow with it. Naturally, no excessive drama, or complications, required. If we need to cry the loss, we cry but we don´t swim in our tears. We keep moving forward – slowly or fast, it doesn´t matter.

There´s a time for everything – She* tells me. A time to insert the seeds in the earth with our own bare hands; a time to water them and wait, patiently, for Spring. A time to reap the fruits of the seeds we planted and watered diligently.
Some seeds need months to develop into flowers, fruits or vegetables. Others need years. Exterior eyes may presume there´s nothing going on inside that piece of earth but She knows what´s coming: a gigantic tree which will last for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The same thing happens with us, our dreams, projects and actions.

Try to go against Nature – our societies have tried and are starting to pay the price for it – and you´ll lose. Flow with it and you´ll become IT.

From Paradise,
Joana Saahirah
(written 2 days ago, in the evening, staring at the fire).

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