Ana Samuel photo 9.JPG

Me, photographed by my friend/sister Ana Samuel, at home



Make no mistake: optimism is an essential tool in our survival kit.

Optimists are not wishful thinkers who deny reality; they see the whole picture, gorgeous and nasty bits, but choose to focus on the bright side of things. It´s not a question of denial, or playing dumb, but directing our focus to the bright points instead of getting stuck, and drowning, in the mud.

Whining, criticizing and presuming we´re the centre of the universe is easy. Everybody seems to be an expert, especially when they sit and watch others putting themselves out there, doing their thing. Everybody knows everything until they roll up their sleeves and actually do something – then they´re beginners, as open to failure and criticism as any of us.

An optimist chooses to see difficulties as lessons that will educate and rise her/him up; an optimist knows the past doesn´t necessarily define the present and the present can be changed towards a different future. Nothing is lost, everything can be transformed.

Pointing fingers at what´s wrong is common, comfortable, a waste of time and energy. If you wish to see a change, be the change. Check possible exit doors, or create new ones; recognize the positive things that have already been done – they´re plenty – and get inspired by them. Make things happen, according to your understanding of how things should be done. Try, at least, to contribute with whatever you can.

Enough critics – we need DOers.

Enough wanna be´s – we need ARTists who work for the craft, not for the real, or imaginary, glamour it entails.

Enough fingers pointed at others – everybody is doing the best they can. If they knew better, they´d do better.

If we´re unhappy with the world, we create a new world. Starting with small, apparently insignificant, steps. That´s how we build the future.

In Dance as in Life – you know my motto.


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