No mud, no lotus

These last 2 days have been particularly tough on a personal and public level. SHOCK is the word that comes to my mind. And, once again, the conviction that we CAN turn rocks into diamonds.

I´m a boxeur at heart. I receive a blow and turn it, instinctively, against the person who threw it. Enemies, as much as friends, have always pulled me up. Unintentionally but, make no mistake, invariably. Their punch is supposed to put me on the floor but it always helps me to fly – higher, further into the materialization of my dreams.

Gratitude mode is ON. For everything and everyone.

Home2.JPGShocked or not, duty calls. Back to work:

New article for Zaghareet Magazine to finish;
Book(s) to write;
On Line Courses to teach;
NEW PROMOTION arriving (Introd. to The Secrets of Egyptian Dance);

World travels to coordinate;

A new show – THE SHOW – getting stronger inside my head (here comes the sun);

Moving to a new home. Plus: all sorts of very personal, and wonderful, things I keep in the safety of my privacy.

Reminder: amazing things can come out of the mud.

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