Show Biz Madness


Me, reacting to the news of Trump´s victory.

I´m supposed to be awake but I feel like I´m going through a nightmare. Collective suicidal madness has reached an unparalleled peak! In what kind of world is Donald Trump elected President of the USA?

Democracy gives power to the majority of voters – fair enough.
The problem is the level of education, and political awareness, of that majority. If you give power to the ones who are not prepared to exercise power, the result is a disaster. Like this. For USA, for the world.

A part of me wants to emigrate to planet Mars; the other part, the one who always see light where there´s only darkness, tries to convince me of the obvious: emigrating to Mars is – er…let´s say…- inconvenient. But dealing with reality, when it hits you with all its cruelty and insanity, is an option. The only option, at the moment. So we move on. And wish for the best out of the worst.

This Trump Madness reminds me of the first democratic elections in Egypt and the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood which fell from glory as quickly as it rose to it. When asked, on television, who I thought was going to win, I answered: Muslim Brotherhood.

Nobody believed me – they claimed I was mad and “Egyptians are not that stupid; Medieval; conservative; mentally challenged”.

Shit Elections happened and Egyptians hoped for a miracle – provided by Allah, the public sponsor of Muslim Brotherhood – which never came. They thought God would bless their country, the same way it blessed(?) Saudi Arabia, providing unbelieveable wealth to everybody as a reward for their religious/political inclinations.

-You vote for Allah, you get a holy reward: a bucket full of oil, a mansion and diamonds on the side. Do we have a deal?

Within the space of one year, Allah´s Soldiers were blamed for bringing the country back, down and bellow the gutter it was already sitting on. The miracle of the multiplication of the loaves was declared a failure and the ones who voted for the so called Miracle Workers declared their disappointment. The Army, the only power in Egypt aside from foreign allies, grabbed the opportunity and took back the power. Once more.

I can only hope USA´s hope for a miracle doesn´t turn into a nightmare. Maybe, and only maybe, this is a chance for an Awakening. An American, or global, awakening.

It´s show(biz) time! 


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