Deal breaker


True story :/

I also had a charming Spanish man telling me, in the middle of a candle lit dinner, he couldn´t understand why people still read books instead of buying a kindle and getting over with it (getting over with it?!). Then he dismissed my book smell addiction as “just a reaction to chemicals and microbes”.
A potentially beautiful love story ended right there. He was gorgeous – ah, those Spanish “matador” eyes! – , apparently intelligent, funny and well travelled. Until he blew it.

A man who doesn´t know how to hold a book, and feel it, doesn´t  know how to hold a woman. A man who cannot appreciate the smell, and touch, of a book is clueless where sensuality and depth are concerned. A man who believes a machine, like kindle, can replace an iconic object, such as the book, has no concept of love.

I rest my case.


Maybe. Maybe not. 

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