Receiving The Love from New Zealand

Article 1.jpg

Heart melting!
I´ve just read the article Candice Frankland wrote about me, my work and my first visit to New Zealand, on MEDANZ (Middle Eastern Dance Association of New Zealand).

WOWza and THANK YOU is all I can say.

Although I´m proud of my achievements and fully aware of the value of my work – and my own value inside it -, it´s good not to lose sight of the practical reality: Artists can live off/from their work when there are sponsors, students, audiences and supporters who recognize and cherish them. Otherwise, they cannot materialize and make a living off their art.

For this, and so much more, I share my gratitude. To Candice Frankland and to every person who keeps supporting my Vision*


Excerpt from the article:

“It all began with the opening gala show at Tarazade Festival in Istanbul. It was well past bed time with the jet lag breaking the matchsticks holding my eyelids open, when Joana Saahirah II entered the room…the change in mood was palpable, there was a distinct buzz as she slapped us awake with her first few seconds on stage and kept us hanging off every hip drop until the end. I couldn´t believe my eyes – I had never seen anything like her and my reaction to her dancing was visceral! (…) I went to her masterclass workshop and was met with just as much magical energy. (…)

I couldn´t take my eyes off her – this was the REAL deal.”

Candice Frankland


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