Where The Dance begins

aaamirrorvintage.JPGA rare glimpse into some of my most intimate moments, before going on stage.
Doing my make-up, in my changing room, at Nile Maxim, in Cairo, Egypt, where I performed daily with my orchestra.
I´m usually a joker but I also need quiet, introspective times, especially before a show. I see dancers who can jump, sing and be all over the place before hitting the stage but I´m not one of them. That has always seemed like a waste of creative energy to me. Before exploding, in the best possible way, on stage I need silence, solitude, a space to feel myself, do my prayers and self-protection, get my bearings and call in The Muses.
Here I am, looking quite serious, as if I´m planning to take over the world or something. I was probably thinking about adjustments to the program of the show or a note for my musicians.
Naglé – my assistant, friend, sister, mother and inspiration – was photographing me, as she often did. You can see part of her arm in the photo.
This, what the public doesn´t see, is a big part of The Dance.

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