Baladi bites by Joana Saahirah

Baladi Bites logo.jpg

Baladi is one of my favourite styles within the wide realm of Egyptian Oriental & Folkloric Dances – it´s the one Egyptians still do at domestic gatherings and social celebrations. I call it The Sacred Language of the Hips. Whoever practices it – by the book – knows exactly what I mean.

In order to answer to the increasing number of dancers who ask me about this style, and to provide extra learning material to my students spread all over the world, I´ve created a BALADI BITES SERIES – short videos with key concepts for the “baladi style”. As you´ll see, when you watch the videos, these concepts can be applied to everything, not only to Baladi.

I´ve filmed only 7 Baladi bites – due to time limitations – but I could have filmed forever. Baladi is a surprisingly (?) complex subject.

If you´re a dancer, or an Oriental Dance student, you´re welcome to create your own Baladi Bites and share them with the world.

10949769_937783232919893_3916298252041882860_n.jpgHere are the 6 Baladi bites. EnJOY the ride!

Baladi bite #1 – Being rooted/grounded:

Baladi bite #2 – Naming your hips:

Baladi bite #3 -Feeling Versus Thinking:

Baladi bite #4 -Hip Language:

Baladi bite # 5 – Going inside:

Baladi bite # 6 -Playfulness:

Baladi bite #7 – Sensuality/Physical Pleasure:


Nagle, a true “bint il balad” – the essence of Baladi. My dearest assistant during the years I lived and performed in Egypt. One of the characters – heroines – of my new book. More than an employee, or a friend; she was a mother to me.

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