Let´s make this clear (post inspired by chats I´ve had with friends who ask me about the work on my new book):

Nobody has time to write a book, unless they were born rich, married a millionaire or are already a professional writer who gets paid to write – just write.
If you have a profession (or more), responsabilities to address, bills to pay and a life, you DO NOT have time to write a book. You MAKE IT. You steal it. You invent it. You sacrifice others things – paid work, job opportunities, sleeping time, external temptations (like internet, television, gossip, useless stuff), private moments with your beloved ones, the sparkling allure of the outside world – in order to make it happen.

I´m a busy dancer, teacher and choreographer. I´ve been travelling the world, non stop, for years. I also teach on line, every day, and I honour several other commitments. Before that, I performed daily with my orchestra, in Cairo. I barely have time to breathe. Literally.
But I managed to write “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” and I´m managing to write a new book with several volumes. WHILE DOING ALL THE REST.

Sitting by a desk – hour after hour, day after day, month after month – working on something you´re not paid to do and uncertain that anybody will ever want to read it, is madness. Or very close to it. The guilt of dismissing my own dance work in order to focus, as much as possible, on a book is ever present. Family, friends and lovers get annoyed at my absences, obsession, relentless passion.

It feels like I´m married and cheating on my husband – dance – with my lover – writing. But I keep doing it. Even if that means I lose, let go and ignore other important things going on inside and around me.

Why? Because I set it as a priority. And, yes, I work my %$&% off. That too.

Let me repeat: there´s no such thing as “having no time to write a book”. When you have a book in you, and the necessary skills to materialize it, you find a way. No excuses, no impossibilities. You´ll go mad, if necessary. But you´ll do it.

The same applies to every other creative adventure that has been burning in your heart, chronically postponed. Don´t think much about it. If it´s important to you, DO IT il_570xN.305441701.jpg

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