Prizes, anyone?

I learn from experience. Trial, error or achievement (maybe both) – conclusions taken.

Theory is great; studying is amazing but nothing beats the lessons you receive, and assimilate, directly from the source which is life. And the source has taught me there´s nothing more important than peace of mind. And health too.

No status, power, success, relationships, houses or cars. No, ladies & gentlemen. Everything is relative, and frequently fake; everything comes after peace of mind and health. Period. 

Once you digest this lesson – you can have it delivered on your door and be unable to receive it -, you realize there are battles you can face and even win. But they´re not worth it. They´ll take away your peace of mind, they´ll cost you in health consequences, right now or later on; they´ll drag you into despair, the same silent despair most people I know live in, trying to catch up with a life that doesn´t fulfill them.

There´s no denying I love theories and classrooms. If I won the lottery, or similiar, you´d see me applying for Oxford university (my favourite place in the whole world). But I love life more. I know, because I´ve been taught by the masters of all masters, there´s no exterior applause, no twitter following, no superficial prize worth the sensation of sleeping like a baby at the end of each day. That, my beloved, is a true achievement.



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