No advices, please; doing it.


14469465_10154580350334886_8366990258229116063_n.jpgDoing It

When I first decided to write the book I´m currently working on – a decision that took me all the way to Egypt and beyond – , I didn´t have a clue of the adventure, the challenge and the responsibility I was assuming. I´d written short stories, articles, a tale here and there, but nothing like this.

The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life and Beyond by Joana Saahirah arrived first – an unexpected baby, written in English (gutsy and, perhaps, crazy move), born in a sudden, magical strike of inspiration.

The baby I have in hands is of another sort. And it´s killing me in the way only a real love affair can kill – softly, decidedly, not looking back or ever being the same kind of killing. It´s taking me to places I never knew existed; dark alleys, mud ponds I´d rather do without, the bliss of reinvention.

I´m a professional dancer – moving is what I do for a living. Remaining still (the punishment of physical immobility), time after time, at a desk with no audience but my own enthusiasm and fears isn´t easy. The guilt for using my productive time to write something I´m not sure anyone will want to read is always nagging at me. I refuse paid work so I can sit and write, like a lost bird searching for its nest. Madness, no doubt.

-Why, why, why? – I ask myself.

– Because you said so – I answer back.

The time, the energy, the effort, the passion (obsession is the right word) necessary to run this marathon (450 A4 pages and I´m still in the beginning) can only be experienced by the ones who go through it. For those, I wink back. It´s worth every single struggle, isn´t it?

What a Rise/Ride!

1st edition of the book

The first baby:

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