The Magic of Stillness on Zaghareet Magazine

The NEW Zaghareet magazine issue is out – September/October edition – and so is my latest article “The Magic of Stillness – replacing busy by meaningful dance (and life) “.

Proud author mode is mandatory. As I read the article, I can find loads of corrections and improvement space but I also find integrity, knowledge all of us – including me – need to access, and keep remembering, and insights that make me nod in deep agreement.

Doing is growing – no doubt.


“Who, amongst us, is educated to stop and listen? Who has the habit of remaining still, even if just for a moment? If we stop, the world consider us dead. Yet there´s no listening to our breath without stopping, remaining still and delving into ourselves – odd luxuries in Western society. Furthermore: there´s no creativity without that still – digestive – space. Any creative person will tell you this: we need time and space to create. Destruction doesn´t demand it – we can destroy in a wink, no need for stillness or silence -; creativity does.”

Excerpt from the article.

Joyful reading, everyone!


Joana Saahirah & The Secrets of Egyptian Dance in Oregon, Portland, USA, proudly associated with Zaghareet Magazine.

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