The Game(s)

tumblr_obd75qKbtH1rpduwho1_500.gifHere´s something I could never understand: the incoherence between people´s thoughts and feelings and their words and actions. They think A but talk Z. They feel 4 but do 1. It must be exhausting to keep up with the egos, the hidden agendas, the untold (real) stories, the truth. I thought only Egypt, and other Middle Eastern countries, suffered from this malady.

I was mistaken.

I´m like kids and crazy folks: I say what I think and I do what I feel. That has got me into a lot trouble. If you´re honest and refuse to play games, in a society which plays dirty, you´re gooing to get punished. Bruised, at least.

But I wouldn´t want it any other way. It´s a question of freedom and that priceless – little, tiny, invisible – thing called peace of mind. I wouldn´t trade them for all the games, and illusory victories, in the world.

Here´s one of the reasons I don´t play, not in my work, not in my personal life: although I refuse to enter competitions, I´m highly competitive. Once I´m in the game, I´m there to win and, honestly, you don´t want to see that side of me.

As someone (funny and spot on) once said: I go from lady to ghetto in one second.

Oh, I do.12191725_1061935513839098_3262627163212340072_n.jpg

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