Get off that wheel – now!

incense 1A mouse running, like a maniac, on a wheel – here´s the image that is visiting, and revisiting, me these days. It seems like everything and everyone is rushing beyond all logic and despair.

I can see it happening in my main professional area, Egyptian Oriental Dance – which is supposed to be the celebration of Eternity, time to breathe and be, and it´s turning into competitive gymnastics – and I can see it in daily life.

People are freaking out. More than ever, it seems. So they jump on that wheel and run, run, run – applauded by other mice running on their suicidal wheels and cheering voices that scream: give me more, you lazy bastard!

The tragic thing, or one of them, is they keep running, faster and faster, until they drop dead. Literally. And the most ridiculous thing about this running on a wheel business is the fact that those mice – aka you and me, our neighbors and the friends and enemies of our neighbors – die without having moved from the same spot.


I don´t know about you – everybody has the right to choose – but, as far as I´m concerned, I´ll take my time to breathe. And Live. There´s nothing more rEvolutionary than that, these days. 

To contradict the current, I dance (feel welcome to check this video: a very slow baladi performed by yours truly and orchestra in Cairo, Egypt):


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