How to be a Human Being

14232647_10154462029207731_3626999300475226126_nIt may be easy to exist, and even that is arguable, but it´s not easy to be a human being.

Yesterday, as I was drinking a cup of coffee and waiting for a friend, in a public place, I decided to put away the book that always follows me around and started to observe.

The first thing I noticed was how unhappy and stressed most people are. In fact, I searched for a happy, relaxed, confident face and found none.

Question: WTF? Are we supposed to take life as a sacrifice we must endure until physical death knocks on our door?

The second thing I noticed was how everybody seems to be running somewhere, like mice on a wheel.

Question: Why running? For what? And where?

The third thing I noticed was how everybody, from the kindest to the cruelest, is doing the best they know and can. If I paid close attention, and I did, I could see the innocence, the potential for greatness and the beauty in every person.

Question: Can we stop pointing fingers and be the best version of ourselves – try, at least -, therefore inspiring others to do the same?

We are what we can, according to the amplitude and depth of our consciousness; as Maya Angelou famously said: “when we know better, we do better.”

I felt a rush of compassion for Humanity, for myself, for every person who has crossed my life; I saw that, despite their often shocking – incomprehensible (to me) – actions, they too are trying to master The Art we all seek, knowingly or not: how to be a Human Being.

Tears fell from my eyes. The coffee tasted better. I started to See.

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