Message for Oriental Dancers around the World (by Joana Saahirah)

Fashions – which invariably come and go – don´t move me. I´m moved by what IS, the eternal, the truth. My truth or the way I see truth. 

I´m aware of the difference between QUALITY and QUANTITY. In an age of likes, followers and trend setters – people who decide who´s cool and who´s not, rarely taking quality in consideration -, people will do most anything in order to belong to the groups and the mafias that seem to be on the top; they´ll go naked on the street, not as an intelligent protest for something valuable but to be noticed; they´ll exchange their integrity for promotion, visibility, applause, approval. In that, and other senses, I keep swimming against the current.

Now let´s be clear: I´m not immune to temptations  – I´m human, after all, though my mum insists I´m a hybrid between a Gipsy and an Alien (mums know their children better than anyone else). I also need to pay my bills and grow in my career but sacrificing what I know is right – great, in fact – in order to belong to the sheep flock is something I reject with all my passion.

If, one day, I´m unable to keep my integrity and artistic coherence intact, I´ll drop whatever I´m doing and start afresh in another field. I cannot sell myself – here´s a limitation I´m actually proud of.

In this video, the last part of the interview Candice Frankland did with me in Auckland, New Zealand, you can taste a bit of the truth, the way I see it. I can only hope it resonates with you.



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