The stubborn joy


People often get annoyed with my chronical positive attitude.

They presume I´m naif, stupid or extremely lucky. Maybe the three of them.

I see the mud pond but I decide to paint it with the colours of a beautiful ocean. For most people, that´s plain crazy. They´d rather paint the mud pond with even darker colours.

Let me stress this point: I DO see (more than you can dream). The jerks, the liers, the injustices, the envy and hate patrols, the words left unsaid, the back stabbers and everything in between but, instead of acting like them or pointing fingers, I pretend not to see and move forward. Basically, I make myself stupid in order not to get caught in the dark webbs of others. It´s their dirty world, not mine.

Some presume my life is perfect – roses falling from the sky, blissful events showing up under my pillow and only good, well intentioned folks crossing my path.That is not the case. Far from it, in fact.

Although I don´t complain – whining is not my thing – and I DO have a wonder*ful life, one I build with my choices and hands every single day, nothing is perfect. Not me, not my life, not the circumstances that make me stay positive.

The question is pessimism is a luxury I cannot afford – life´s too precious, and short, for me to indulge in drama. There are people dying, tortured, humiliated; our planet is exploding in all sorts of tragic ways; there are bigger problems than mine. All I need to get a grip is to look around.

tumblr_lxywn3hT7B1r8la7go1_500.gifI also know how it feels to fall. Damn, I do! And it´s human; it´s physics – what goes up has to come down. It´s the big Wheel, the cycle of life none of us can stop. But we can fall with grace, celerity and a practical sense – once I´m done, I´m out of here! No need to dig a hole in the ground and keep falling deeper. That´s masochism, not life.

We fall, learn whatever is in store for us, and rise up again.

We may suffer but we don´t need to indulge in the pain, or feed demons, or water the tears. Unless you were diagnosed with clinical depression – a disease, not a decision-, the way you see life is a choice. A daily, stubborn choice.

Then comes The Challenge. I find unhappiness and negativity too easy. Oh, the thrill of victimhood! Who doesn´t like to throw the towel and yell “I give up”? Hiding inside a bag of chips, lying on the sofa until they find us dead…smooth sailing, baby.

The crowds love a good victim and misery loves company. Indeed. But that´s something for little boys and girls. Keeping yourself POSITIVE, LIGHT and CONSTRUCTIVE in a world that pushes you in the opposite direction is a kick ass challenge for grown ups with character.

Yes, I work on it every day. Some times, I fail; then I recover (the natural cycles, remember?). One moment everything seems black, a minute later everything looks brighter than an August midday sun. So what? We roll with the punches and the kisses and the blessings and the blows and, and, and whatever comes our way with the certainty that we were not born to see life passing us by. We were born to enjoy, be happy or, to put it bluntly, to build our own happiness.

Every. Single. Day.


Me, building my happiness.

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